Madoka clearfile holder

Large magnet

Large magnet

deka keychain!

Some cute bookmarks I picked up at FreeCon.

They were very cheap and cute, but I think printed without permission? The mami one has part of the artist’s name cut off, which means the artist likely doesn’t know about the product.

You can find their work at:

Not sure about the Asuna. 

Infinite Stratos posxpos collection!

Pumpkaboo pouch!

Bought from:

Pokemon Trozei stickers!

These were given out at the Pokemon centers in Japan.

my tiny business cards were a big hit. :D
definitely worth it

my tiny business cards were a big hit. :D

definitely worth it

Had the most amazing time vending at FreeCon. :D Definitely going to try to snag a spot next year too! It’s really amazing when you consider it’s run by college students and volunteers. And the people changer every year since some graduate or move on, but it’s only gotten better every year since I’ve been. (This was my fourth!)

Talked to a ton of amazing people and helped people get their Free! fix. :D  It was awesome and there were so many happy faces~

I’ll have photos up soon  and have some new stock for my shop on the way.

And the shop we be getting updated as soon as I have time. It’s not up for now, but I plan to edit the stock, add new stuff, and maybe even make it prettier if my friend has time to help. :D

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week!